Water-Soluble Semidry Machining

To be a trusted-partner of the renovation

Requirements for equipment / facilities are now becoming diverse,
and companies must face their renovation in the industrial world.
We provide unique technologies and ideas for reduction your cost
by pursueing high-quality, low-cost, safety and efficiency.
To meet your requirements and solve your problems,
we aim at being your trusted-partner.

Engineering section

Maintenance section

We support plant facility settings or improvement for auto, construction equipments, food, electric, health-care.

  • Welding robot system (picture)
  • Automatic convey system
  • Welding jig and fixture (picture)
  • Machining, Inspection jig and facility
  • Automatic assembly facility (picture)
  • Precision machinery facility and jig (Food, Electric, Health-care (picture))

We support maintenance for your important facilities.

  • Overhaul
  • Periodical maintenance
  • Sudden repair

Engineering package
For plant managers having problems of facility improvement...
Experienced expert supports engineering outsourcing to improve your productivity.

Maintenance package
For plant managers having problems of facility troubles...
Experienced expert operates weekly pre-maintenance to reduce machine trouble and improve your plant operating ratio.