Water-Soluble Semidry Machining

Changes to the profitable company

Our economic situations are always changing.

In order to adjust to this uncertain world, we need to keep our company flexible at all times. From the manufacturing point of view, it is high important to make the company's system to be improved continuously by destroying old fashioned rigid system, reconstructing new system with educating people and strengthening your company's foundation.

We support your company to have these improvement and reorganization to become a profitable company.

Business outline

  1. Consulting business for streamlining of management
  2. Supporting to become a profitable company by promoting innovative technologies

Problems of rigid system

  • Cannot fix 5s activities
  • Cannot make progress on standardization
  • Cannot decide what to improve, etc...

How to improve and reorganize

Based on the ideas of "client first" and "profit improvement", we work all the activities together.

  1. Develop manufacturing system which can produce necessary amount at a right time.
  2. Educate people to be able to adjust themselves to changing situations and strengthen the company's fundamentals through continuous improvement.
  3. Cut down waste or redundancy by consolidation and standardization, and make your work shop visualized.