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Water-Soluble Semidry Machining

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Cool Products

Real_col_Comment.png Having trouble about...

  • Parts management
  • Production control and management
  • Scheduling and Schedule management
  • Production achievement management
  • On-site improvement...

Real_col_Comment.png If you need to...

  • Computerize your inventory management
  • Grasp production status in real time
  • Simplify result input
  • Reduce slips in your factory, etc...


Our COOL PRODUCTS make your work shops visualized!

Cool Products

Integrated solution including CoolVISION, CoolLOG, CoolTAG.

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Cool Vision

Computer systems for visualizing plant productive achivement.
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FullWEB Djvu

Real_col_Comment.png Having trouble about...

  • Huge data management and storage
  • Blueprint management
  • Economization using FAX or email
  • Data sharing with branch offices or overseas


Documentation management system combining electronic filing
with high speed distribution network; FullWEB Djvu
As one of the KOMATSU CSS partners,
we support your installation of FullWEB Djvu!!

FullWEB DjVu

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